The Sarubima project was established in the year 2008. Cargills initially contrived this project as a form of reimbursement to the farmers. For every kilogram of fruit and vegetables and every litre of milk sourced from local farmers, it adds 50 cents to a fund created for farmers in the community leading to an overall improvement in the livelihood of themselves, their families and communities. Since the company sources 120,000 kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables and 120,000 litres of milk every day, this money has now developed into a substantial amount and continues to be used to empower local farming communities. Over the years, this project has remodeled into a larger entity in itself and is now considered a vital part of Cargills’.

Today named the Cargills Sarubima fund, it provides: scholarships for needy children from the community, resources for learning and advancement, farmer insurance and to meet community infrastructure needs.

As at 2014, Cargills has awarded over 250 scholarships across all these locations which included many medical, engineering and commerce stream university students. In addition, more than 3,000 farmer families have benefited from community facilities provided through the funds. For the year 2014/15, benefits included 204 scholarships with 35 university and vocational education scholarships, 65 Advanced Level scholarships and 104 Year 5 Scholarships. In addition, 18 exemplary farmers were recognized for their service to agriculture and the local community with the Cargills Sarubima Farmer Citizens Award 2015, presented by the President.

In 2016/17, the children of the farmers were provided with 225 scholarships including 92 University, Pirivena and Vocational Education Scholarships, 93 Advanced Level Scholarships and 40 Year 5 Scholarships. As of 2019, Sarubima has provided a total of 855 scholarships.

The Cargills Sarubima fund also made possible 49 community development projects across all its dairy and vegetable sourcing communities which included provision of drinking water, water purification projects, school development, library development as well as certified English and IT centres.