Transitioning to Renewable Energy

We are making good progress on our journey to transition into renewable energy. At present, our manufacturing facilities in Banduragoda, Katana and Ja-Ela in addition to several Cargills Food City outlets are fully operating on solar energy.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We are mindful of that fact that the responsibility to minimize the damage caused to the environment by the greenhouse gas emissions out of our operations lies in our hands.

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Reducing & Recycling plastic

We are working towards reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging and making all our packaging 100% recyclable or compostable.

‘Paving with Plastic’ project: Sri Lanka's first ever plastic car parks

In partnership with AGC Innovate, we introduced a sustainable solution to re- purpose waste plastic released by our manufacturing facilities. Thus, an initiative was birthed to build Sri Lanka’s first ever plastic car parks,

Responsible disposal of waste cooking oil

Cargills has partnered with Novateq, an engineering solutions provider, to collect used cooking oil from KFC outlets and Cargills Quality Foods (our processed meats facility), which is then sent through a filtration process where the oil is refined and turned into bio diesel under EU standards.

Efficient Use of Water

Water is a limited resource. Saving water saves money, but it’s also important for people and the planet. We have recycled a total of 46,608,000 litres of water across the Group in 2020/21. Furthermore, our sustainable agriculture model introduced by the Climate-Smart Agriculture Modernization Project uses drip irrigation which has helped reduce water consumption by over 60% in comparison to conventional agriculture systems.

Project ‘Breath of Life’ - Helping to Restore Nature

We recently launched project ‘Breath of Life’, an initiative that aims to add 10,000 trees across the various locations across the Group. The 500th tree was planted on June 5th to mark World Environment Day 2021, and since then we have planted over 5000 trees across the country at our Food City outlets and manufacturing locations.