Established in 2008, the Sarubima fund gives back 50 cents to the farming community for every kilogram of fresh produce, and every litre of fresh milk, purchased from our farmers. Since then, the fund has become its own entity through which the Group engages and seeks to uplift communities.

Agricultural Modernization Project

Launched in 2019, the objective was to enhance farmer livelihoods through improved productivity while adhering to the international standards of product quality and safety.


Education scholarships

Through the Sarubima fund, we also provide educational scholarships for children and resources for learning and professional advancement to the youth of the farming communities.

Farmer welfare

In previous years, community development projects have included the introduction of drinking water facilities, water purification projects, infrastructure development in schools and building playgrounds and parks for children at several locations.


Save our Soil project

In 2014, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture, we launched the “Save Our Soil” project to support the protection of soil and water resources through the prudent use of agriculture inputs, while promoting agricultural productivity.