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Our Story

From lush green pastures of the central highlands, is where we began our long and dedicated journey to nourish the lives of the people in our great nation. Our journey is rooted to humble beginnings, trailing back to the cool climates of the Bogahawatte, Patana, also known as the beautiful Kotmale Valley, but our hearts were always driven by commitment, care and dedication in nourishing the lives of all.

With Cargills acquiring Kotmale Holding, which was established in 1967 as Lambretta (Ceylon) Ltd, we have undergone a huge transformation, moving from an ordinary dairy company, to Sri Lanka’s largest privately owned fresh milk brand.

We are providers of highest quality products at affordable prices and one of Sri Lanka’s leading brands in the dairy sector. Kotmale brings you a wide variety of dairy products including Fresh Milk & Value-Added Milk, Cheese, Butter, Ice Cream and Set Yoghurt & Drinking Yoghurt, which have all become island-wide favourites. Kotmale has now proudly revolutionized Sri Lanka’s dairy industry.

Our Mission

We are focused on being the largest contributor to the national dairy industry.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted dairy brand in Sri Lanka which offers the highest value for money.

Enriching Livelihoods & Nourishing the Nation

We believe in doing more than just providing quality products at Kotmale. We play a vital role in enriching communities; because to produce goodness you have to spread the goodness. That is why we have built a close relationship with our dairy farmers, by building milk collection centres, providing employment opportunities to enrich their livelihoods and that of their families. Together we strive to build a more sustainable and self-sufficient nation, while providing our consumers with the most nutritious locally-sourced fresh milk, at the best prices.


Dairy Innovations At Its Best

Revolutionizing the dairy industry with our technological advancements and innovation, we have single-handedly transformed the “Drinking Yoghurt” which is full of nutrition, goodness and flavor, all packed in a bottle, for both the young and the old.

We have focused our innovations to meet our consumer’s need and convenience such as the introduction of the “Kotmale Lite: Low Fat Drinking Yoghurt” with only 1% fat and no added sweeteners, available in both Vanilla and Strawberry flavors for those concerned about sugar levels.

We also wanted to bring out the lighter and more fun side of life with innovations such as the “Set Yoghurt” and an ideal breakfast range called “Stirred Yoghurt” for children and young adults alike for on-the-move consumption.

We like to take things a step further as always, so we introduced the family-sized yoghurt packs that come in 450g cartons of Set and Vanilla yoghurt.

Some of the newest additions to our range includes Kotmale cheddar cheese and the rich, creamy and wholesome pasteurized Kotmale salted and unsalted butter.

All this and so much more is what makes us the No.1 Dairy brand in Sri Lanka

The New Tastes Of The Nation

We redefined Breakfast with the ready-to-drink Kotmale Milk with Oats, which can even be consumed on the move. It’s the ideal complement for breakfast for consumers of all ages, from children to busy executives and senior citizens alike.

New Tastes Of The Nation

Kotmale prides itself in providing refreshing products of the highest quality. The Kotmale Lassi is a testament to this as it brings together the best of taste with the richness of real mango, as well as health with the inclusion of Probiotics.

Kotmale Lassi

Indulge in the goodness of pasteurised fresh milk with Kotmale. The exceptional nutritional value of our 100% pure fresh milk, collected from over 16,000 dairy farmers, brings you a range of health benefits that transcend your body and mind. You can also enjoy the benefits of the Nutrition of 100% fresh milk now blended in with the taste of delicious chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours to suit your preference. It’s the perfect combination of nutrition and taste that will tantalise your tastebuds and leave you craving for more.

fresh milk with Kotmale

Kotmale Milk with Oats

Milk with Oats is an innovative Ready to Drink product introduced by Kotmale which includes Oats in Kotmale Pure Fresh Milk. Milk with Oats is unique to Kotmale.

Milk with Oats is a Nutritious & a convenient breakfast or a breakfast supplement which can be consumed even on the move.

Milk with oats is ideal for children, busy executives and senior citizens


Kotmal Lassi

Kotmale Lassi is yet another first time product in Sri Lanka which is Unique to Kotmale.

Kotmale Lassi cools down the body as well as improves gut Health

Kotmale Lassi is rich with Real Mango.

Kotmale Lassi also includes Probiotic.

Contact Information

Saranga Wijesundara

Managing Director

Nimal Gunarathna

General Manager

Thamal De Silva

Marketing Manager – Dairy

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