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An Essential in Every Sri Lankan Kitchen

KIST products, sourced from the finest fresh produce and supplies from reputed farmers around the island, are manufactured with the goodness of fresh produce while providing nutritious value to Sri Lankan consumers. KIST products possess a unique taste, while its availability and affordability makes the KIST product portfolio a must-have.

KIST’s extensive product portfolio includes Jams, Sauces, Cordials, Nectars, Fresh juices, and sparkling drinks. KIST products also extend to bottled drinking water and confectionaries.

The KIST factory oversees KIST’s production activities to meet globally acclaimed standards and follow the best practices to meet SLS, ISO, and CODEX standards which assures quality and safety.

'Total quality management systems' + world class aseptic packing & processing facilities that conform to international food manufacturing standards - ensures the highest level of quality and freshness is maintained at all times at the Kist production plant in Katana.


1) KIST Beverages

Fresh Juices

KIST Juices are the pinnacle of fresh juices in the country and has gained immense popularity for its 100% fruit concentration. KIST Juices are produced in five delicious variants in terms of flavor - Orange, Grape, Apple, Green Apple & Mixed fruit. KIST Juices exclude any trace of preservatives since the Tetra packaging technology secures the product. Its availability in cartons of 1ltr and 200ml as well as the exclusion of added color, flavor or sugar, makes KIST truly one of the most sought-after brands of fresh juice in the country.



There’s no feeling quite like being able to sit down, take your time and indulge in your favorite KIST Funfruit Nectar variant, regardless of the season, which is an affordable, healthy fruit beverage choice with 25% fruit content. KIST Funfruit nectar lets you do just that. There’s no shortage of luscious flavours with single flavoured nectars such as Mango, Mixed Fruit, Wood Apple, Orange, Passion, Apple, Guava (pink) and taste twists such as Mango & Passion, Orange & Mango, Lemon & Mint, Strawberry & Mango for you to indulge in.

KIST also offers a less in sugar range called KIST Funfruit Nectar Lite ensuring no one is deprived of quality Nectar from KIST.


Carbonated Fruit Beverage - KIZZ

Enjoy the Fruity Fizz with KIZZ - the latest fruit beverage solution from KIST which offers you the same carbonated soft drink experience with natural fruit juice. It’s the only Sri Lankan natural fruit sparkling drink. This range comprises of 5 variants - Strawberry, Ginger, Lime, Orange & Apple which has no artificial colors or flavors. KIZZ comes in a trendy 215ml PET can with a see-through label letting the customer see what they consume at MRP Rs.90/-


Kist extends it’s sparkling beverage range with KIZZ Ginger Beer

It’s a Sparkling Ginger Beer with natural ginger extract. It has No artificial colours of flavours. This comes in a handy 250ml easy opening Aluminium Can for just Rs. 100/-

KIZZ Ginger Beer

Kist - RIDE

Everyone’s got their own unique way of life and Ride gives you the power to live your life the way you want. Ride is a formulated caffeinated beverage from Kist. Try it out today

Kist - RIDE

Fun B Drink

Fun B is the luscious fruit drink made available from KIST as a fruity thirst quencher. The Fun B product range comprises of Mango, Mixed Fruit & Apple flavours in 180ml and is ideal to quench your thirst while sizzling your taste buds. It has no preservatives as the product has been secured by the Tetra technology.

KIST also has an Aloe Vera Drink for health-conscious customers. It has no sweeteners, and comes in 200ml & 500ml.

Fun B Drink


KIST Cordials are a must-have, especially for family gatherings and if your friends are around. A great refreshing fruit beverage which requires a 1 to 4 dilution fills enough glasses for you to share with all your loved family and visiting friends. Coming in Mixed Fruit, Passion, Mango & Orange flavours, KIST Cordials satisfy cravings of everyone, young and old. Made with real fruit and not containing any added artificial flavours, KIST Cordials are available in two handy sizes: 360ml & 750ml.

2) KIST Jams and Sauces


Produced in a decadent selection of natural flavours ranging from Mixed Fruit, Wood Apple, Mango, Pineapple to real Strawberry Jam with real fruit chunks, KIST Jams are an indulgent treat to the taste buds that also offers nutritious values in abundance. Enriched with Vitamin A and fortified with Vitamin D3, KIST Jam ensures you receive the goodness of real fruit with all the essential vitamins.

The KIST Jams range has been further extended with their new product which is Spicy Jam; pineapple flavored jam infused with chilli, thereby creating the ideal combination of sweet and spice to satisfy the cravings of spicy lovers everywhere.



KIST Sauce comes in both spicy and sweet flavours, to satisfy those with different tastes while also serving a range of different functions. With flavours such as Tomato, Tomato Ketchup, Chilli, Hot Chilli, Chilli and Garlic, Sweet and Sour, Mango BBQ, and Devilled Sauce, KIST Sauce has grown into a quintessential item in Sri Lankan kitchens. The fact that four tablespoons of KIST Tomato Sauces is equivalent to the nutritional value of one ripe, medium tomato is testament to the fact that KIST Sauces retain the nutritious value of its raw ingredients.


3) KIST Biscuits

The Cargills Quality Confectionaries is engaged in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of biscuits and confectionaries under the Brand name 'KIST'.

The Delightful Local Taste, in International Standards

Our factory is located on a sprawling five-acre estate in the historic and picturesque valley at the Nalanda Industrial Estate in Matale and uses the technology whilst paying great attention to the hygienic manufacturing processes in line with global players.

Our factory specializes in producing range of KIST branded biscuits and are accredited with ISO 22000, HACCP, and GMP certification.

KIST is focusing on new product development and maintaining the quality of production to international super brands’ standards. Our skills and passion push us forward on this journey of taste by producing unique products.


A Simply Irresistible Array of Biscuits

The New Chocolate Coated biscuit range by KIST is of superior quality, and you can feel the difference in the chocolate made from fabulous premium cocoa butter that wraps up a collection of crunchy biscuits, bringing you the best of a biscuit and chocolate combination that is truly an irresistible treat.

  • KIST Choky Magic Range - Chocolate coated biscuits
    A generous layer of chocolate hiding a delightful crispy biscuit inside. Taste the magic in Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee variants.
  • KIST Magic Treats - Chocolate coated wafers
    Super-light wafers given a rich coating of chocolate for an any-time-of-the-day sweet indulgence.
  • KIST Choky Disc - Chocolate coated biscuits
    Smooth rich chocolate wrapping up a collection of crunchy premium biscuits in a disc to bring you the best of a biscuit and chocolate combination that is truly an irresistible treat.
    KIST Choky Disc
  • Kist Magic Cho –co

    Introducing the First Chocolate from Kist. Magic Cho – co. Exotic coconut and luscious chocolate combined for an unmatched taste! Indulge in an Island Treat!

    Kist Magic Cho
  • KIST Cookie Assortment Tin
    Wholesome fresh local butter, sun ripened fresh wheat, magical choco chips make these yummies come alive with mouthwatering richness and flavour. Treat yourself to the assortment of Milky cookies, Butter Cookies, Sesame cookies and Chocolate Chip cookies.
  • KIST Cookie Collection Range
    Crunch into the homemade taste of cookies anytime you have a craving. KIST Cookies come in Sesame, Chocolate Chip, Butter and Milky variants so you will be munching them throughout the entire week.

4) KIST Knuckles

The Story Behind KIST Knuckles

KIST Knuckles bottled water comes to you from the pristine mountain range of “Knuckles” nestled in the central heartland of Sri Lanka. The mountain range takes its name from its uncanny resemblance to a clenched fist when viewed from certain locations. The Kandyan Royal family was once served water from the Knuckles range as it was considered the richest watershed that contained pure drinking water in Sri Lanka. All natural elements of the water from the historically renowned pristine mountain is retained in the KIST Knuckles water bottle. The indigenous communities of Knuckles lead simple untouched lives sustained on agriculture, ensuring the quality of the water to remain clear and high, making it perfect for drinking. With an exciting historical background behind the origins of the name, it is only fitting that the KIST Knuckle factory maintains the best standards of quality.

Knuckles-factory KIST Knuckles

Quality and Food Safety Standards

KIST Knuckles conforms to SLS 894:2003 UDC 663.64.059 & is certified by the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI). Ongoing assessments are carried out to ensure SLS standards are adhered to. Fully fledged laboratory facilities are available for internal testing. KIST bottles are manufactured of food grade virgin Polyethylene Terephthalate. Safety seal (PVC Shrink sleeve) is printed with food grade ink.

Contact Information

Buddhisha Herath

Managing Director

Calmi Perera

Deputy General Manager - Production

Suresh Manchanayake

National Sales Manager

Achini Wijekone

Marketing Manager

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