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We, at Cargills always strive to uplift the livelihoods of local communities, with a commitment to building a better Sri Lanka, which stems from our core values as a responsible food company. This is the Cargills vision. When the global COVID-19 pandemic severely affected people’s lifestyles and their day-to-day activities, we responded to this challenging situation by adapting our entire systems almost overnight, to be able to better serve our nation according to this new way of life.

Uplifting the Nation during its darkest days

The COVID-19 pandemic, unlike anything we have experienced before, completely changed the lives of our people. The high demand for groceries around the country was very apparent and the lack of proper infrastructure to do so via delivery during this period was a major obstacle. This is when we, at Cargills, intervened by adjusting our operations to rise to this challenge almost overnight.

To provide relief to people around the country during these trying times, we introduced an online ordering platform for groceries, as it enabled them to order groceries without stepping out of their homes. We went above and beyond to bring convenience to the Nation, by also initiating Asia’s first mobile supermarket - a large container truck equipped with a mini supermarket at the back which would literally bring the supermarket to your doorstep.

Introduction of Cargills Online

Cargills’ continued commitment and passion to improve the lives of people led us to conceptualise Cargills Online, not just as an e-commerce platform, but as a complete overhaul of the grocery supply chain. The introduction of Cargills Online was aimed at ensuring convenience and guaranteeing customers get what they order. For this purpose, Cargills envisioned a more advanced online platform than the existing platforms in the niche e-grocery segment. Thus, the foundation for Cargills Online was laid down during the initial stages of the lockdown.

Cargills Online provides users with a comprehensive solution to a number of problems they faced in the past; the lack of a proper online ordering system in the country left consumers in doubt of how they would order their groceries and if they somehow managed to place an order, whether they would ever receive their order. Cargills Online would address consumers’ fears and be an answer to their many questions regarding e-Grocery shopping; a reliable means to an end in this regard. Customers now have the luxury of knowing the status of their order from the time it is placed until they receive it at their doorstep; including “real-time” tracking within the app, which shows the immediate location of the delivery vehicle once it is dispatched.

Consistently Maintaining High Quality & Standards

One of the major issues users faced with online orders was the condition of products received, specifically with regard to ensuring the correct product temperature, either dry, chilled or frozen, is maintained throughout the supply chain particularly during the last mile. Cargills Online has countered this challenge effectively through various investments including but not limited to custom made trucks dedicated to online deliveries, ensuring our products reach the hands of our customers at specific temperatures thus ensuring our customers get quality products that are fresh and safe to consume.

Cargills Online was created to perfection with meticulous attention to detail and a great emphasis on providing users a smooth and convenient online experience. We take quality of service to the next level by handing over each product to the customer to ensure they are satisfied with it. Our dedicated customer service team works around the clock to respond to customer inquiries. All members of the team are well-trained to assist customers with anything and everything; from instructing new users how to install the app, to how to make an order or even return a product.

Safety First

With the prevailing situation, safety is more important than ever. At Cargills Online, we have specialized e-commerce fulfillment centers with highly trained personnel to warrant that products are being handled safely and efficiently. We ensure that safety checks are carried out on each individual involved in the process, including our Customer Delivery Agents (CDAs). While Cargills Online offers cash on delivery, we also enable customers to make their payments within the app in order to minimize unnecessary contact upon delivery.

Taking on the Future

Albeit under unfortunate circumstances, consumers are now more comfortable with transacting online. To deliver correctly and build trust, grocery e-commerce, or e-grocery requires not only a mobile app or website, but a complete overhaul of the traditional supply chain, ensuring customers’ orders are on time and in full.

Cargills Online is a new chapter in our history. It is an effort to ensure that we adapt to changing times, without forgetting our core: serving Sri Lanka better.

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