Health and Nutrition

Some of the leading causes of deaths in Sri Lanka are due to non-communicable diseases (NCD) like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease and are accountable for nearly 75 percent (World Health Organization NCD Country Profiles, 2014). Most chronic NCDs are preventable and if not, the onset of it can be delayed if risk factors such as smoking, alcohol, obesity, unhealthy diet, high salt, sugar, trans fats and sedentary lifestyles are addressed early on. Creating awareness and encouraging healthy lifestyles can help achieve and prevent this.

In order to enrich the lives and well-being of consumers, Cargills feels the need to keep them aware in order to ensure they make informed and smart decisions when purchasing products.

Firstly, by calling for a reduction of sugar intake, we promote good health and well-being of all Sri Lankans.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that no more than 10 percent of calories in our diet should come from free sugars. Our Policy target is to reduce the sugar content to help consumers achieve that goal.


Nectar: We reduced added sugar content by 43.5% by 2016.

Dairy: 10% reduction in pasteurized milk, 11% reduction in drinking yoghurt, 9% reduction in set yoghurt & 15% reduction in plain stirred yoghurt.

Dedicated to delivering superior products while containing the recommended levels of sugar, salt and fat, our research and development team maintain the unique taste derived from our product range by constantly testing and re-engineering recipes to ensure all our products contain the nutritional expectations of our consumers while addressing the health issues we face as a country.

Nutritionally Balanced Diet for a Healthier Life

Diet and Good Health go hand-in-hand. That’s why we focus on balancing the driving influences of science and food values as we navigate today’s complete food system from field to table.

Fresh & Natural

We have provided our product development team with a set specific nutrient criteria that is to be utilized in all food products. We work closely with Sri Lankan Universities (Peradeniya University, Sri Jayawardenapura University, UvaWellassa University) to collate expert knowledge and provide the healthiest products to consumers. Our focus is to utilize fresh Sri Lankan milk and natural fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals & fiber in our product range as much as possible.

  • All our dairy products are manufactured using local fresh milk which is a rich source of several essential nutrients, including protein, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D.

  • Our products contain real fruits which are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber as key ingredients. Kotmale drinking yoghurt is flavored with real fruits and we also carry range of Kist brand products made out of real fruits.

  • Our Kist Knuckles spring water is bottled at source to retain all natural elements of the water from the pristine mountain which the unpolluted environment possesses.

  • Our Kotmale set and drinking yoghurt contains probiotic which helps improve gut health.

  • Our Kotmale natural cheese contains high- quality protein & amino acids which provides the essential building blocks for strong muscles and calcium for strong bones & teeth.

Stay Safe, Healthy and Toxin- Free with BeeSafe Fresh Produce

It is widely accepted that the consumption of fresh produce cultivated with the use of toxic chemicals has led to a significant increase in the number of non-communicable diseases; such as cancers, kidney disease, heart disease, liver damage, and diabetes. Present dietary habits, which increasingly favour convenience over quality, have only served to make this situation worse.

With the health and well-being of the people and future generations at risk, the need to address the situation has become extremely important . Towards this end, the introduction of a wide variety of ecologically cultivated BeeSafe fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits free from harmful toxins and chemicals into our regular diet, would not only lessen the risk of disease, but also signal a positive lifestyle change. Through this latest initiative of Cargills, we endeavour to ensure that our customers can enjoy the natural taste of fruits, herbs and vegetables at affordable prices.

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Cargills Rice - Ecologically Cultivated Nutritious Ceylon Traditional Rice

Cargills’ commitment to promoting good health through food, comes from the recognition that food can play a significant role in preventing non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and in improving the quality of life overall.

With this in mind, “Cargills Rice” was launched in October 2019 to market Ceylon Traditional Rice varieties. These existed in ancient Sri Lanka and are still cultivated even today, by small farmer communities using traditional knowledge. These varieties have been found to contain higher antioxidant levels, fibre, iron and protein levels compared to conventional rice varieties as well as a low glycemic index (which was validated in a recent publication following extensive research undertaken by the Industrial Technology Institute together with the Rice Research Institute in Bombuwela.

Cargills Rice
Rice Variety   Health Benefits

Promotes healthy skin and hair, aids in digestion, and helps to control diabetes


Rich in protein and fibre and improves digestion and bladder function


Rich in protein and nutrients and is considered ideal for children and those with diabetes or cardiovascular ailments


Provides a cooling effect on the body and is effective for a range of health issues, including tuberculosis, indigestion, diabetes, and obesity

Kalu Heeneti

Used in traditional medicine, it is considered an ideal nutritional option for children, mothers, and babies aged over 6 months.

Traditional Rice Blend

Being a blend of the Suwandel, Kalu Heeneti, Ma Wee-Hangimuttan and Kuruluthuda rice variants, it possesses a variety of medicinal/nutritional properties of all its constituents

To market the four selected traditional rice varieties, Cargills partnered with Parabowa Environmental Farmers Association, a multidimensional farmer society with a total of 316 members practicing ecological farming in 48 acres of arable land in Puttalam District. Traditional knowledge pertaining to the preparation of organic fertilizers and pest repellents from locally available inputs, enables them to protect the environment from contamination with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Furthermore, the Association takes attentive measures to preserve these traditional rice seeds.

As expected, Parabowa Farmers association benefited in their partnership with Cargills to market these rice varieties. The Association was able to modernize and upgrade the rice milling facilities, packing facilities and quality assurance system in order to supply a modern supermarket chain. New staff members have been recruited mainly to ensure quality assurance. With continuous purchases providing a stable market at the Cargills retail establishments, farmer members - of which 25% are women - have already succeeded in improving their socio-economic status.

Nutrition Fortification

Jams are fortified with vitamin A & D

A wide spread problem throughout the world is Micronutrient malnutrition. In the last national survey on vitamin A status of preschool children (MRI, 1995), prevalence of sub clinical vitamin A deficiency was identified as 35%, indicating a public health problem in Sri Lanka. Our selected products range targeting children are fortified with vitamins A & D as per the policy guidelines for fortification of food in Sri Lanka, Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition 2008.

Responsible Labelling & Marketing

At Cargills in order to ensure that our customers are making informed decisions with their purchases, we are committed to educating them with adequate information on the nutrition and ingredients that our products contain.

We follow “Cargills Nutritional Information Table” format in our labelling which provide the nutritional information (Energy, Protein, Total Fat, Saturated fat, Carbohydrate, Sugar & Salt) per serving as well as per 100g / 100ml.

We also ensure our products, ingredients, labelling and claims are safe, factual and endorsed by scientific evidence and consistently comply with the Sri Lankan Regulations (Food Act).

Food Safety & Quality

We guarantee the quality and safety of products through the implementation of appropriate schemes to control the food supply chain, ensuring a high level of protection and consumer confidence.

We, at Cargills ensure that all products meet or exceed stringent safety and quality standards and use only ingredients that are safe and approved by applicable government and regulatory authorities.

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