Cargills Foundation

At Cargills, we are proud to say that our business is corporate social responsibility. In everything we do, we strive to work for the betterment of our nation. Cargills Foundation was initiated to further our efforts by going beyond our business practices to reach citizens that would not necessarily be impacted by our products or services. We believe in strengthening Sri Lanka, through community development whilst investing in the future by means of educating our youth and our next generation. The Cargills Group strives to empower our people for a better tomorrow, as we firmly believe that without our country there will be no Cargills.

Cargills ECE Program

The Foundation initiated their first programme in 2018 on Early childhood development (ECE) after studying the skill gaps among the talented youth in the country who miss the opportunities around the world due to the communication barrier and lack of social and emotional skills.

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Cargills ESL Home -Learning Program

Considering the delay in reaching the targeted group due to pandemic situation the ECE programme introducing a home learning package (HL) in June 2021.While providing the learners an opportunity to learn English at home, this package will help parents to create a joyful home learning environment through melodious songs and stories based on STEAM concepts and life experiences.

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Youth Skill Development Programme

In order to support the present day youth within the farming communities linked with Cargills, the foundation recently completed a need survey jointly with Microsoft to fulfill their requirements through online short term courses. Designing the relevant courses are in progress.

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