“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future" said Franklin D. Roosevelt. With this in mind, the Albert A. Page Institute of Food Business (AAPI) was established to respond to the needs of the young Sri Lankans from rural areas in the year 2006. With the expansion of the Cargills presence in Sri Lanka, we understood the true potential of our rural youth, who were full of skill and eagerness to learn, however were under-employed or unemployed due to the lack of professional skills in their area. On the other hand, the unskilled labor employed overseas provides significant value to our economy. Unskilled migrant labor sourced largely from rural Sri Lanka draws the highest foreign exchange earnings to the country. This further encouraged us at Cargills to work towards the ability-building of rural youth.

In response AAPI, a non-profit independent entity, functions under the following mandate:

  • To establish and operate Education Institutes for vocational training, professional studies as academic courses.

  • To award Diplomas, Certificates and Degrees for such courses.

  • To obtain accreditation form other academic institutions - local or foreign.

  • To act as agents for other academic institutions.

AAPI Vision

To be a premier professional educational institute that contributes to the stability and growth of human resources in the Food Business.

AAPI Mission

Enhance skills and expertise in Food Manufacturing, Marketing, Retailing, Food Service, Food Safety, or Food Business industries with internationally recognized qualifications.

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