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Cargills ESL is a digital learning platform and opens a new pathway to learn “English as a Second Language (ESL)” with edutaining activities and lessons. The digital learning app can be used at home for reinforcement of what is being learned at school. This can also be used to get a head start for young learners.

Cargills (Badanamu) ESL Program delivered through a digital platform!
Structured, standards-based ESL curriculum


Young learners three years of age and above can access thousands of minutes of engaging and structured English education across a variety of topics and interactive activities.

Kids will love to learn
Dual Modes

Two modes available and able to use any selected mode from “Game mode” or Learn Mode”

Engaging activities

Learning stays through songs, books, videos, and interactive activities.

Structured content

Original and structured songs, books, and interactive activities are both engaging and easy to grasp for young learners.


Diverse learning methods


Young learners engage with our structured, standards-based ESL curriculum through open-ended creative activities and assessed lessons.

Advanced Analytics
Vocabulary Strength

The most important metric to track for any young learner, easily displayed at your fingertips!


Listening Analysis

Zero in on the mechanics of learning a second language. Preview a learner’s progress centred around their ability to produce meaning and understanding after hearing words with phonematic sounds.

Pre-writing Analysis

Embark on valuable data and reports centred around the beginning stages of a young learner’s encoding skills.


Each level of the multi-year curriculum includes all the materials needed to do fully remote, blended, offline, and independent-study lessons.

Songs & Videos

Educational songs and videos that engage learners and get them moving



Fun and exciting narratives combine core learning objectives with a layer of social-emotional learning


Interactive Activities

Reinforce learning objects with H5P activities that were designed to maximize engagement.


Home Fun Materials


Lesson Guides

Detailed guides to help teachers get the most out of their learners.



1. What is inside the Cargills ESL package?

Cargills ESL package comes with 5 story books and a voucher code to use ESL app for one year.

2. Where can I buy the Cargills ESL package?

You can buy it through Cargills Online web or Selected outlets?

3. How much it cost?

Package is Rs: 3,500/=. Please contact the outlet manager for special introductory price.

4. How to use the “Voucher Code”?

Please click here to view the guided tutorial on how to redeem the voucher code. For more support you can contact Cargills Foundation team by sending an email to

5. Is this a game or learning app?

Cargills ESL app comes in both modes, “Gaming Mode” & “Learning Mode”. User can toggle from any mode to other.

6. Can I use the app with all my kids, or do I have to purchase separate packs?

No need to buy multiple packs for your family. You can create different profiles for each kid. One app for all the kids.

7. Can I restrict the screen time?

Yes, you can restrict the screen time for each profile. It’s totally controlled by the parents.

8. How to download the app?

Please Click the correct badge to Download the App. For more information and to the guided video click here.

Educational songs and videos that engage learners and get them moving

9. Do I need to have an email id to use the app?

No need. You can use your mobile number to create an account. For more information on how to create an account, please click here for the guided video.

For more information mail to