Albert A. Page Institute of Food Business (AAPI)

The Albert A. Page Institute (AAPI) was established in 2006 to help realize the full potential of rural youth who were under-employed or unemployed due to lack of access to professional training and qualifications. Functioning as a non-profit independent entity, the AAPI introduced vocational training and professional development to Cargills team members, awarding qualifications and obtaining local and international accreditations to enable rural youth to explore better career prospects.
AAPI developed a series certifications and diplomas aimed at creating opportunities for career advancement in the Food and Manufacturing sectors. Advanced Certificates focusing on managerial skills development were introduced to aspiring young executives. The courses evolved over the years to be strategically focused on covering all aspects of retail and manufacturing operations. Soft skills for junior executives, middle management and senior management were also introduced.
On-the-job training became an effective mode of imparting knowledge, enhancing skills and infusing a new work culture across Cargills and soon, the certifications were made requisite for career progression and promotions. AAPI partnered with the Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) Institute - a US-based non-profit educational foundation that provides online training material and web-based job certification courses, to obtain accreditation.

Digital Learning

To meet the requirements of the modern day, we launched the Cargills AAPI eLearning Platform providing team members with accessibility to digitized course content, with practical sessions conducted at relevant retail outlets and manufacturing plants, resulting in cost and time efficiencies.
Beyond training, the digital learning platform has also been proposed to encourage communication between team members in the form of an interactive intranet where employees can share ideas, network, stay updated on company events and create a sense of community.