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When it comes to food, there is always a general concern within the public on whether the fruits and vegetable available in the market are safe for consumption. With or without the knowledge of the repercussions, it has been reported that farmers sometimes overuse agrochemicals and fertilizers to safeguard their crop.

However, as the fruits and vegetables sold in Cargills Supermarkets are sourced directly from our very own local farmers there is no reason to worry. Our farmers are always guided and advised on when, where and on the cautious application of fertilizer and agrochemicals by the Cargills Agriculture Field Officers.

Taking a step further, we have introduced GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) certification to our farmers with the support and assistance of the Department of Agriculture. The SLGAP Standards are high and on par with Global GAP compliances which is accepted worldwide.


Recently, we took some of our farmers to India in order to gain hands-on experience on Good Agriculture Practices, which was successfully implemented in Maharashtra by Jain Irrigation. They gained first-hand experience and knowledge in drip irrigation and fertigation and other Agricultural techniques. On the return of these farmers, everything they learnt in India was shared among the rest of our local farmers and the Good Agriculture Practices were all implemented in their cultivations.

This foreign study tour was funded by Cargills Sarubima. In addition, they also provided Drip Irrigation Systems, Plastic Mulch, Insect proof nets at 50% subsidized cost and also arranged a single digit loan to farmers in order to help them meet the balance cost.

At present, our farmers in Thambuthegam and Thanamalvila successfully practice these Agriculture techniques and produce fruits and vegetables that meet the SLGAP Standards. Their crops are protected by three-meter insect proof nets so that pesticide application can be cut down to a bare minimum. Through fertigation, the application of fertilizer has been reduced to around 20% and the amount of water used to a quell level.

The Department of Agriculture monitor the cultivation continuously and issue SLGAP certificates to these farms. All the products at Food City is packed with the SLGAP logo under the GoodHarvest label. GoodHarvest is the first ever GAP certified, Produce brand in Sri Lanka, which no other competitor Supermarket can match.

Therefore, Food City is proud and pleased to offer its customers with the maiden range of SLGAP Certified fruits and vegetable brand, The "GoodHarvest".

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