Regardless of the time and place, Goldi has the ideal mood-setting dish for any family gathering, be it on a hectic weeknight or an activity-packed weekend. From sausages to bacon, our Goldi range makes quality family time even more memorable. Goldi provides the best of taste while appreciating nutritional values making it a great quick-fix meal for the time-challenged consumer.

Cargills’ state of the art factory in Ja-Ela is accredited with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, GMP and SLS 1218:2001. Fully fledged laboratory facilities are available for internal testing and manned and supervised by qualified, trained personnel, to ensure that the ingredients, raw materials and packaging materials meet the strictest safety and quality standards 24X7.


Goldi Chicken Meatball Can

The irresistible Goldi Chicken Meatballs are prepared with the goodness of real, tender chicken & tantalising gravy. It's just the ideal dish for a quick and delicious family meal. What's more, it's so convenient to prepare as all you have to do is heat it & eat it.

Goldi Hot & Spicy Chicken Meatball

Contains real chicken with spices. Ideal for family usage and party time.


Goldi Kochchi Chicken Sausages

A fiery taste that's sure to tantalise tastebuds, Goldi Kochchi Chicken Sausages consists high quality Chicken combined with Kochchi. It's delicious, flavourful and is a must-try!