Focused on product innovation and maintaining the quality at international standards, we are engaged in manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of biscuits and confectionaries under the KIST brand name.

Our factory is located on a sprawling five-acre estate in the historic and picturesque valley at the Nalanda Industrial Estate in Matale and uses the technology whilst paying great attention to the hygienic manufacturing processes in line with global players.

Our factory specializes in producing range of KIST branded biscuits, wafers, crackers and chocolate enrobed biscuits and our state of art facility is accredited with ISO 22000, HACCP, and GMP certification.


A Simply Irresistible Array of Biscuits

The New Chocolate Coated biscuit range by KIST is of superior quality, and you can feel the difference in the chocolate made from fabulous premium cocoa butter that wraps up a collection of crunchy biscuits, bringing you the best of a biscuit and chocolate combination that is truly an irresistible treat.

• KIST Choky Magic Range - Chocolate coated biscuits

A generous layer of chocolate hiding a delightful crispy biscuit inside. Taste the magic in Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee variants.

• KIST Magic Treats - Chocolate coated wafers

Super-light wafers given a rich coating of chocolate for an any-time-of-the-day sweet indulgence.

• KIST Choky Disc - Chocolate coated biscuits

Smooth rich chocolate wrapping up a collection of crunchy premium biscuits in a disc to bring you the best of a biscuit and chocolate combination that is truly an irresistible treat.


KIST Magic Cho-co

Introducing the First Chocolate from Kist. Magic Cho – co. Exotic coconut and luscious chocolate combined for an unmatched taste! Indulge in an Island Treat!

KIST Cookie Assortment Tin

Wholesome fresh local butter, sun ripened fresh wheat, magical choco chips make these yummies come alive with mouthwatering richness and flavour. Treat yourself to the assortment of Milky cookies, Butter Cookies, Sesame cookies and Chocolate Chip cookies.


KIST Cookie Collection Range

Crunch into the homemade taste of cookies anytime you have a craving. KIST Cookies come in Sesame, Chocolate Chip, Butter and Milky variants so you will be munching them throughout the entire week.