To be a global corporate role model in
community – friendly national development


Serve the rural community, our customers and all other stakeholders, through our core business – food with love – and other related businesses, based on the three main principles of
  • Reducing the cost of living
  • Enhancing youth skills
  • Bridging regional disparity


CSR is our business

We focus on community development and contributing towards a better sri lanka.
  • By building markets for farmers and smes
  • By creating opportunities for the youth across the country
  • By sourcing locally
  • By investing in manufacturing facilities to promote local production
  • By building confidence of the next generation of Sri Lankans through education
  • By investing in providing affordable nutrition
We believe by building the community, our business will succeed too.

CSR is our business

Our model is more than just a business.
A group of children using a laptop provided by Cargills from the Sarubima Fund.

Over 50Mn litres of Milk collected yearly

We collect fresh milk from over 15,000 lgallholder dairy
farmers and during the year we collected over 50Mn litres of milk.
One of our dairy farmers standing proud.