Health & Nutrition

Health & wellbeing of Sri Lankans: Promote the health and wellbeing of Sri Lankans by encouraging consumers to reduce the intake of Sugar. We reduce sugar as below,

Nectar Category: Reduce sugar from 55.6%
Dairy: 10% reduction in pasteurized milk, 11 % reduction in drinking yoghurt, 9% reduction in set yoghurt & 15% reduction in plain stirred yoghurt.

Fresh & Natural

  • All our dairy products are manufactured using Sri Lankan fresh milk which is a rich source of several essential nutrients, including protein, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D.
  • Most of our products contain real fruits which are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber as key ingredients. Kotmale drinking yoghurt is flavored with real fruits and we also carry range of Kist brand products made out of real fruits.
  • Our Kist Knuckles spring water is bottled at source to retain all natural elements the water from the pristine mountain with unpolluted environment
  • Our Kothmale set and drinking yoghurt contain probiotic which help to improve gut health.
  • Our Kothmale natural cheese contain high- quality protein & amino acids which provides the essential building blocks for strong muscles and calcium for strong born & teeth.

Nutrition fortification
Jams are fortified with vitamin A & D.

Responsible labeling & marketing
We follow “Cargills Nutritional Information Table” format in our labeling which give nutritional information (Energy, Protein, Total Fat, Saturated fat, Carbohydrate, Sugar & Salt) per serving as well as per 100g / 100ml. We also ensure our products, ingredients, labelling and claims are safe, factual and always backed by scientific evidence and consistently comply with the Sri Lankan Regulations (Food Act).

Food safety & quality
We guarantee the quality & safety of products through the implementation of appropriate schemes to control the food supply chain, ensuring a high level of protection and consumer confidence. At Cargill’s we ensure that all products meet or exceed stringent safety and quality standards and use only ingredients that are safe and approved by applicable government and regulatory authorities.


Dr. Nelum Vithana
Manager Corporate - Product Research & Development