One Trust

One Trust came into being from the very heart of Cargills out of compassion and empathy for our fellow Sri Lankans whose lives were devastated in the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004.

When the Tsunami struck coastal Sri Lanka on that fateful day Cargills decided that it needed to reach beyond the boundaries of our business to be a good neighbor, a good friend to spread love and care where it is needed most. One Trust targeted the children who survived the mental and physical trauma of the Tsunami disaster and helped rebuild identified schools from Southern and Eastern coastal areas.

Today One Trust has expanded its vision to heal the spirits and hearts of children affected by war and restore their ability to hope and dream. One Trust aims to build a sustainable support system by engaging multiple stakeholders towards strengthening and empowering children directly or indirectly affected by conflict.


  • Facilitate 'care' in terms of emotional and spiritual support as well as nutrition, health, shelter and clothing

  • Facilitate formal and non-formal 'education' in terms of literacy, knowledge, institutional learning and skills building

  • Facilitate enjoyment in 'play' and exposure to 'aesthetics' as means of nurturing character, self-esteem and personality

  • Unifying communities through facilitating understanding and trust

The project is being supported by the Department of Probation and Child Care Services which is coordinating the process of identifying beneficiaries currently in institutional care or in the care of immediate family. The Department would also facilitate the process of channeling funds to the identified children in supporting and monitoring their educational needs. Contact: