Training and Development

"Enhancing Youth Skills" is one of the key principles of the Cargills business philosophy. It is incorporated into its mission statement as a commitment that the organization holds true to its heart. Not surprisingly as much as 70% of its work force is from rural Sri Lanka and 80% is below the age of 25. The Cargills Training and Development process is initiated under the Albert A. Page Institute of Food Business a non-profit venture established in 2006.


  • To increase the awareness of the Sri Lankan workforce regarding the expanding opportunities in the Food Retail, Consumer Goods and Agribusiness industries

  • To develop the existing and potential workforce of the food and agribusiness industry by enhancing knowledge, skills and competencies. Building proficiency in language and communication will be a key focus.

  • To enable those involved in the food industry to become 'sought after' in the regional job market thereby enhancing the net worth of the Sri Lankan workforce.

  • To develop leaders in food business management