Millers Limited

Millers Limited is the specialized subsidiary for Distribution Services within the Cargills Ceylon PLC Group of Companies. It provides Distribution Services island wide covering all Provinces and Districts reaching more than 30,000 Retailers directly.

Millers possesses necessary infrastructure and logistics in the distribution of Frozen, Temperature controlled and Dry Food products as well as a range of Non-food products. Millers holds the Distributorship for a large portfolio of world renowned International Brands that include Kraft, Cadbury's, Bonlac, Meadow Lea and Milkana etc.

Millers is the Distributor for Kodak photographic products in Sri Lanka for over seven decades. It operates five Digital Imagining Centers, providing a complete range of Photographic and Printing services, in and around the City of Colombo, under "Kodak Express" franchise. Kodak Business Imaging equipment as well as Entertainment Imaging products, too are distributed by the Company.

Millers represents CareStream Health - the world leader in Healthcare Imaging, offering a complete range of X-Ray films, Digital Dry View Imagers and Computerized Radiology Systems for the Health Care Sector.

Millers Office and the main Logistics Center is located at No. 121, Biyagama Road, Kelaniya.