‘Avurudhu Magic’ ice cream



Add ‘Magic’ to your Avurudhu!

Magic, Sri Lanka’s No 1 dairy ice cream renowned for its celebratory innovation has come up with another first for this Sinhala and Tamil New Year. Now Kokis, a popular Sri Lankan sweetmeat made for every celebration and occasion, is blended into delicious creamy ice cream as the new ‘Avurudhu Magic’ ice cream.

Mr. Buddhisha Herath, General Manager Sales for Cargills Quality Dairies (Pvt) Ltd, said 'Kokis’ is something we all grew up with. It’s most often home-made and is associated with great memories and good time spent with the family. Every New Year table is sure to have a plate of delicious Kokis so why not blend it with your favourite ice cream and transform the dessert into a truly magical experience?' Herath noted.

Commenting on the production process, Cargills Director of Dairy Production, Mr. Nimal Pathirana noted that the recipe of the new Avurudhu Magic Ice cream is all about fresh milk and a strong commitment to quality. 'It’s not simply a unique idea that brings about a great recipe. It’s our discipline and commitment to keep doing and redoing an idea until we find the perfect formula that leaves our customer enthralled. Magic has always been the first to come up with delicious and exciting variants in ice cream and the others follow. We are proud of each of our flavors because it’s the result of months of research and product development, trial runs and sampling to customer satisfaction.' he explained.

Avurudhu Magic comes in a one litre pack and priced affordably at Rs. 350/-. It’s a perfect dessert during the season, or for a spontaneous treat to be shared with your family and friends or even to gift at visits during the season.

Kids if you want to see the Magic team blend swirls of delicious ice cream you can visit the Magic Factory during your holidays! Call 0332273107 to fix a date with happiness!