Fruit and Nut on a stick from the Magic range

Cargills Magic has announced the launch of its popular fruit and nut ice cream on a stick for ice cream lovers. The family favorite for years now has been available in tub form only, but not for long. The sweet treat can now be enjoyed on the go, making them the perfect size for an individual craving, no matter when they might occur.

The Cargills magic fruit and nut ice cream combines the much love pairing of fruits and whole nuts in a smooth and intense ice cream mixture that’s provides mouthfuls of decedent pieces that’s delicious and fresh, offering sheer indulgence. The delicious flavor is a big hit amongst the various age categories as a result of its smooth texture and great taste which accentuates its winning flavors.

Cargills Magic is synonymous with exquisite premium dairy ice cream that provides you an exceptional gourmet experience that goes beyond great taste. The rich sensual texture of Magic gives you an intense, absorbing pleasure that tantalizes your taste buds and all products are about the extra special exciting experiences it presents.

‘Cargills Magic remains the most innovative brand of ice cream in the country. We take great pride in combining our modern state of the art production facilities with our passion for innovation and quality which together with our close relationship with thousands of local dairy farmers forms a truly magical experience for millions of consumer´s island wide.’ Magic is considered Sri Lanka´s No. 1 dairy ice cream brand.