Magic ice cream



Its seven days of Christmas with the all new heavenly Magic Christmas Collection!

Magic, synonymous with exquisite dairy ice cream is ready to make merry this Christmas with its collection of 7 delightful ice cream sensations inspired by the season’s must-have goodies and Sri Lanka’s finest fresh milk.

Heavenly Magic has just unfolded a concoction of sensual delights starting with the season’s must have ‘Christmas Delight Ice Cream’ folding the rich and sensual Vanilla Magic ice cream into the delicious luxury of traditional Christmas fruits and nuts. Every bite of this smooth premium ice cream comes with generous helpings of Christmas popular ingredients creating a truly festive flavour explosion.

Natural fruit lovers can dive into ‘Heavenly Magic Fresh Mixed Berries Ice cream’. Plump and tangy fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are folded into a ribbon of premium ice cream promising a sensational and luxurious fruity experience.

For the Chocoholics Heavenly Magic has put out the seasons finest pure chocolate chips dipped into rich chocolate ice cream creating ‘Chocolate Obsession’ while the all-time favourite ‘Butterscotch with Nougat’ returns as another seasonal treat. ‘Salted Caramel Ice cream with Pecan’ is a new edition to the Heavenly Magic range creating delicious possibilities with crunchy pecans in salted caramel. Meanwhile ‘Richy Rich’ is yet another work of art bringing together cashew nuts, toffee and chocolate in rich vanilla ice cream. The ‘Mocha Choc Chip’ is yet another feast to be had for the season.

Commenting on the festive limited editions, Senior Brand Manager -Magic, Teresa Santos said, “Magic is all about extra special exciting experiences. And what better time than this season to truly bring that experience to our customers with special products that embody the spirit of the festivity.” She added “Innovation is our edge and this premium range is set to be the most loved collection of ice creams in Sri Lanka this season.”

The Magic range gives you an exceptional eating experience that goes beyond great taste. The rich sensual textures of Magic give you an intense, absorbing pleasure that tantalizes your taste buds. The blend of the seasonal flavour simply doubles the delight. “The team behind Magic has had a tremendous response in bringing these favourites together a few seasons ago and we have now brought it back by popular demand,” Santos said.

Beautifully packed in festive cartons the Heavenly Magic Christmas Collection is sure to be the best gift you can give your loved ones this season. It’s also perfect for a spontaneous treat to be shared with your family and friends or simply to indulge with your traditional Christmas meal.