Kist Sauce unveils the flavour of festivity with three new delectable Sauces

Kist Sauce is spicing things up for the Holiday season with an exclusive range of new sauces that defines the flavours of the season.

Kist Mango BBQ Sauce, Kist Devilled Sauce and Kist Oyster Sauce are three new delectable sauces that were specially developed for the upcoming Christmas and New Year festivities. “These three sauce variants along with Kist Tomato sauce comes to you now in the squeezable plastic bottle making the food experience both fun and convenient,” commented Achini Wijekoon, Senior Brand Manager- Kist.

Kist Mango BBQ sauce is deliciously sweet, perfectly spiced BBQ sauce with a Mango twist while the Kist Oyster Sauce is a sweet and savory sauce with a deep earthy flavor provided by oyster juices that have been cooked down and caramelized. Kist Oyster sauce is also a perfect condiment for exotic culinary experiments and a perfect dip. Kist Devilled Sauce is made for the typical Sri Lankan spicy palate and a great topping for spicy bites and snacks.

Kist Sauces also makes meal time a fun-filled experience with the squeezable bottle allowing little chefs and home gourmet experts to dress up dishes with ‘food art’. The flip-open lid and nozzle ensures high levels of hygiene and food safety while also ensuring maximum use of contents without wastage.

“The Kist new product development team invested a lot of their time and effort to develop these three new variants. Having tested them with consumers Kist is confident that the flavour experience of all three is far superior to an equivalent in the market,” Wijekoon said.