One of Sri Lanka's most trusted food brands, Cargills Kist offers a range of delectable Juices, Jam, Sauces, Cordials & accompaniments made from fresh produce directly hand picked from orchards.

Cargills Kist is manufactured & marketed by subsidiary companies of Cargills (Ceylon) PLC.
Today's generation on Sri Lankans have grown up with the Kist brand, and they have grown to trust it for its quality and taste. Cargills leverages its ability to source the freshest quality produce from farmers and suppliers directly to ensure that Kist products retain all their natural goodness and flavour.

The Kist production plant employs state-of-the-art aseptic packing and processing facilities that conform to international food manufacturing standards.

Quality and flexibility are key advantages of CPC Agrifoods Limited. The Total Quality Management process used by our facilities, including SLS standards ensure consistently high product and process quality.